ignore for now***

In addition to this I decided to use some sound effects at certain points in the sequence. When Lauren turns off the light i used a bass drum effect. I think this came out really well because it was the catalyst which introduced the title of the sequence (“Hunted”)

This took place at 50-55s. Also another sound effect was used at the end of the sequence when the hunter breaks down the door 1:44-1:52s. For this sound effect it had to be the most dramatic of them all. This was the sound effect to end all of the suspense and to end the sequence. For this i used a sound effect with a build up just before the door opens and also a bass sound effect for when the door did open. This came out well because the dramatic sound was the ending of the footage which then lead to the last line of the voice over. The last line of the voice over connotes that there will be a sequel to the movie because Lauren says “they are coming for you Thomas, RUN” this connotes that this film is about Lauren and there will be a follow on movie about the character Thomas.


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